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Dear Frustrated Marketer,

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First off, let me say thank you for visiting this page and for allowing to take up a small piece of your time, I promise you wont regret it…

Now, if you are anything like me (when I first started online) you have probably suffered frustration, information overload and maybe even anger as you have tried to find success online with Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing just plain SUCKS at times doesn’t it?

I mean if we think about, we see all these other people “making-it” online, raking in the cash and becoming a super success, but more often than not, it doesn’t always happen that quickly or easily for the majority of people online.

It certainly wasn’t a “quick or easy” process for me – so trust me – I have been there, done that and wore the tshirt – I feel your PAIN.

So I guess because I have been at the stage you are now I can completely relate to your pain or frustration, I can remember visiting sales page after sales page desperately hoping to find that one product or person who could truly help me.

But thankfully, I cracked the online success code AND by visiting this page… you have stumbled upon the one person who can truly help you finally find success online – ME.

Now I know that’s a mighty big claim, but I can back it up with 100% pure proof and I shall… a little later on this page.

So for now, please humor me and keep reading on as all shall be revealed.

Click Here To Get Started Right Now”

Ok, let me take a quick stab in the dark at… what’s your reasons for ZERO or LITTLE success online?

  • Could it be your marketing knowledge and skills?
  • Information overload?
  • Your inability to focus on just one “project”
  • Or your inability to take action?
  • Maybe even lack of direction, or a successful path to follow?

There are actually many, many reasons you have not found success online so don’t beat yourself up about it  – some other marketers actually actively help you fail too!

But let’s forget about the marketers who are HAPPY TO HELP YOU FAIL for now (we will discuss them a lil later)…

internet marketing skills

Firstly, if your current knowledge and / or skills have not generated the required success you desire and if you continue to market online in the same way, doing the same things = same results.

So quite simply, something has to CHANGE.

You need to revamp your marketing skills and grow your marketing knowledge, plain and simple.

Today I want to help you change how you market online and help you get better results.

Now, like I said, once upon a time I was exactly like you.

Zero results from my efforts online but it all changed when I carved out a personal journey for myself, a journey to discover new knowledge and skills.

In all honesty, my journey took a long time, but I want you to skip that long timescale and learn everything super fast!

But don’t panic, I am not going to stuff your brain with 3 years of marketing knowledge in just 12 weeks – it would EXPLODE!

I have no intentions of drowning you in a sea of information and leaving you to sink, I want to help you “swim” your way to success.

It’s important to know that not every single technique I tried or tested over those years was a success, so I don’t have to teach you everything I learned.

You see, I know the common mistakes. The pitfalls. The distractions. That you need to avoid, so my training skips all the CRAP and gets down and dirty with the GOOD STUFF.

Today, I would like to offer you the opportunity to begin a journey with me…

But it’s vitally important that you start today. Not tomorrow.  Or the next day. Or The Day After That.

You have to start today because we all know in life that sometimes tomorrow never comes.

That’s why it’s important that you start today, because the quicker you get started, the quicker you can get results.

And once you see real results, this will inspire you to take more action and drive forward to success even quicker.

So let me tell you a little more about my story, the journey that I embarked on, that ultimately led to my current online success…

Now it’s not one of those pie in the sky, rags to riches story.

It’s not one of those almost bankrupt, drowning in debt, success overnight stories either.

It’s A Simple Story Of How I …

  • Went from boring blogger to a BLOG HOPPING SUPERSTAR.
  • Used My Blogging Journey To Create 4 Highly Popular Products FAST.
  • Discovered How To Syndicate FREE TRAFFIC From Hottest Social Media Sites.
  • Overcame Personal Fears To Conquer And Tap Into Lucrative VIDEO MARKETING.
  • Went From Zero Products For Sale To Launching a $97 Month MEMBERSHIP SITE.
  • Used An Easy Formula To PROFIT From Every Stage Of An Online Business.
  • Learned The Importance Of Going Deeper not Wider For BIGGER PROFITS.

If the above seems a little over your head or confusing, don’t worry my training will make it crystal clear for you – I promise.

Now the journey I took. The consistent action. The new skills I learned. The new knowledge – all contributed to my success and do you wanna know something…

The best part for me…

Everything I did and do online is done in a nice way. A way that helps others.

I am not perceived as a hard / in your face seller. Heck No. People love me!

They love me. Respect me. Admire me – because of the value I have shared in order to help them become a success online too.

The best part for you:

You can easily replicate everything I have done, with my help. You can be a GIVER NOT A TAKER.

Wouldn’t you love to learn how to make money online in that way that will make other people, love you, respect you, admire you?

Wouldn’t you love to have people thanking you every single day for making a difference in their life and helping them get closer to success?

Well that’s how I market and that’s how I will teach you to market.

You will market in a nice way. In a way that – helps others find success online as you find it yourself.

Get Started Today Click Here To Help Yourself Then You Can Help Others

Can I tell let you into a little secret…

Finding success online isn’t that tough if I am truly honest.

With the right knowledge, skills and consistent action, I believe you can achieve any level of success online that you wish.

Thing is though… like most people trying to earn a living online, you probably don’t have the required knowledge and skills required to “make-it” just now.

But NOT having an in-depth knowledge of Internet Marketing or the required skills is ACTUALLY GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!

I’m being serious…

It really is GOOD NEWS because you can LEARN those skills – quickly, easily and in a FUN way.

But as with good news, it always seems to come in tandem with a little bad news right?

The BAD NEWS… even if I taught you the correct knowledge and skills, you would still be missing a very vital part of success online.

Consistent Action (but if I train you on how to take massive action, you got success licked!)

Now, truth be told, I am an expert at taking action… let me show you…

I Had To Get Off My Lazy Butt To Gain New Knowledge And Skills

  • Spoke Live on a webinar
  • Held my first live interview with a blogging expert.
  • Was interviewed myself for the first time.
  • Recorded my very first video tutorial.
  • Recorded my first video presentation.
  • Recorded my first in front of camera video.
  • Held my first live joint webinar.
  • Created 4 free products to giveaway fro free.
  • Built multiple mailing lists on autopilot.
  • Grew relationships with blog readers/subscribers/other marketers.

I done all of that when I was a newbie Internet Marketer (long before I became an Internet Marketing Coach) I just pushed myself every week to take action and it paid off for me.

Now, if I never took action, faced fears and learned that new knowledge and skills I would still be failing online today.

Like I said before, if you keep doing the same things, you will get the same results.

But, if you face fears, take action and learn new skills, you will open a whole new wealth of opportunity for yourself.

Now as you can probably imagine taking that action and facing those fears was TOUGH for me.

I never dreamed I could do all of those things, and to be honest it was even harder for me because I lacked confidence and I was very shy too.

But fast forward to today…

… and you wouldn’t believe how much I have changed, not just online but offline too, I ooze confidence and my shyness has all but gone.

But at first, facing those fears was tough. It was a long, time consuming, learning curve – but one that I will help you avoid today.

As I was progressing online, facing those fears, I was learning so much about the right way and wrong way to market online and make money.

I truly wanted to help others. Help them get to the same level as me. Help them take action.

So I used my new found knowledge in two ways:

1. Shared tips and tricks I had learned via my blog posts.

2. Created free reports and videos from what I had learned.

Then I just drove as much free traffic as I could to my blog, my reports, my videos – really easy!

And because I was giving away such value for free, the relationships I built with blog readers / subsrcibers and other fellow Marketers were ROCK SOLID.

I was able to work on those relations, which would later turn out to be highly important in my success online, and it was all thanks to blogging.

Now if you think blogging is a waste of time OR difficult, then that’s only because you have not blogged in the RIGHT WAY.

Blogs are super-powerful – people love them – search engines love them – and you can completely PIMP THEM FOR PROFIT!

Blogging is really simple, just use your blog as it’s intended, as a personal record of your journey online – that’s it.

Take a look at my blog…

sally neill blog

Woot woo – NOT!

Isn’t much to look at it is?

It’s a plain Jane ugly little ugly blog, that I installed myself – in under 5 minutes for free.

Now even I will admit my blog doesn’t look like much, but behind the scenes it’s a POWERHOUSE!

  • Pimped to the MAX with profit pulling plugins
  • Automated follow ups with people who leave comments
  • Automated solid relationship building
  • Page redirects to affiliate promotions
  • Multiple lead capture opportunities
  • In post promotions of my products and affiliate products
  • Automatic traffic driving to my other sites and products
  • Content feeding to suck free traffic from popular social media sites
  • And so much more!

So like I said, my secret to blogging success was to use my blog as on online diary of my journey and get people to “connect” with my story (I will teach you exactly how to do this)

fun way to make money blogging

I simply detailed everything on my blog, like a diary, everything I was learning, and the mistakes I was making.

Then I created free products from my journey and my mistakes…

sally neill free products

  • Blog Hopping Queen (Get Tons Of Comments On Your Blog & Build Relationships)
  • Skype Interview Guide (Hold Interviews With Experts For Instant Product Creation)
  • Essential WordPress Plugins (Make Automated Affiliate Commissions From A Blog)
  • Newbies Next Chapter (Internet Marketing Newbie Success Guide)

I had literally discovered the best way to blog EVER… be personal and friendly – that’s it!

Then I simply used my inexperience and lack of knowledge to create products – simple.

I took those products, gave them away for free and ultimately made money – dream come true.

So if you right now, you have very little knowledge or skills -FEAR NOT – this blogging model is made for you.

The way I blog. The way I will teach you to blog will generate your future content for you.

You will never be stuck for post content or product ideas – trust me!

So thanks to blogging in that way, being personal… sharing value…

I became an authority. A respected marketer whom people wanted to learn from (and pay me to learn from!)

And as my Internet Marketing skills grew and grew, so did my online profits.

Take Action Now – Click Here – Start Growing Your Skills And Income Today

taking action online

My success began with a little ACTION… learning new skills, applying them and sharing them.

Your success will begin with a little ACTION…learning new skills, applying them and sharing the results.

Remember: If you do not take action and apply that knowledge and your skills, nothing will happen.


You must, must, must get that ball rolling – gather momentum from it – keep pushing forward at all times.

Most people don’t take action because they don’t have a plan or a proven path to follow, they basically don’t have a clue what they should be doing so they tend to hop from one get rich scheme to the next, or hop from learning from one marketer to the next.

But if I was to show you exactly what steps you have to take, you could follow them right?

If I was to give you step by step videos, you could follow them right?

What if I made it even simpler and chopped all the videos down to bite sized chunks that you could easily digest?

Would that make it super simple for you to follow?

How about I even lay out every step for you week by week, to stop you suffering from information overload?

Would that make it EVEN easier for you? Of course it would!

fun internet marketing

And how about…

Just to make your whole learning experience more enjoyable… we inject a big fat dose of FUN!

Do you think you could take consistent action each week if you were having fun?

Of course you could!

Let’s face it, if you actually ENJOY doing something plus it’s a pleasurable experience you will want to keep doing it right?

Well that’s exactly how I planned out my coaching…

  • Straight to the point – minus the fluff and BS.
  • Simple and Easy to follow.
  • Enjoyable to learn and implement.
  • Have fun at every available opportunity.

I know most people are put off by the term “learning”… if I am honest I personally don’t mind learning. I love to learn new things.

But I know many people HATE learning, that’s why I injected the FUN SIDE into the coaching.

Seriously, if you don’t have fun with your Internet Marketing you are increasing your chances of quitting altogether – I’ve seen it many times!

Click Here To Start Your Own Fun Journey With Online Marketing And Profits

BUT… Marketers who truly have fun, who love what they do online, go from strength to strength.

When I first started online, everything felt like a chore to me, I just didn’t want to learn, it was BORING and I hated it.

But not one to quit (I wasted too much time, energy and money to quit) I struggled along. Trying to crack the online success code by myself.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am not an anti-social person, in fact I am really quite friendly, but I didn’t trust anyone online.

My first experiences of relationships online where with the unsavory marketers. Marketers who “are happy to help you fail… actively help you fail too”

Well thanks to those types of marketers (pounding my email inbox every day with the latest and greatest new product to make me millions) I never really moved forward online, developed any new skills, nor made any money.

Now I am not suggesting that all marketers are like that.

There are genuine marketers out there, willing to help and luckily I found one

internet marketing coach

My ultimate Internet Marketing hero…Alex Jeffreys.

And one of the first and most important lessons I learned from Alex was to GET OUT YOUR INBOX!

I realized that a big part of my time online was wasted reading emails and visiting product sales pages.

Sometimes I bought the product, sometimes I didn’t – but almost every email was a distraction.

So perhaps like you…

… before I found success online, I sought help from people claiming they could help me but later discovered they only wanted my money.

I believe these types of marketers actually helped me fail. Rather than helping me, they just wanted a fast buck.

They bombarded me with offer, after offer, after offer of the latest and greatest way to make money from Internet Marketing.

Every single day new emails poured into my inbox, each with a promise that this would finally be the product to help me.

So if you learn anything from visiting this page today, learn that – stay out your inbox!

Instead use the time you spend online to MOVE FORWARD FAST!

You need to take consistent ACTION to grow your online business and develop the skills required to become a success – IT’S UP TO YOU!

take action with coaching

Can I ask you a favor? I want you to think back for a moment..

How far has your Internet Marketing business progressed in the last 12 weeks?

Please be really REALLY honest with me here, if you are not honest I can’t help you.

So, I will ask you again…

How far have you or your online business progressed in the last 12 weeks?

If you can openly and honestly admit you have made VERY LITTLE progress then CONGRATULATIONS…

You just made the grade.

Truth be told I am after the Internet Marketing who are at a stalemate…

You know the ones right?

The people who work so damn hard online but never get any further forward… because they don’t know what they should focus on.

I am not interested in the lazy people who think success should be handed to them on a plate.

I am not interested in the people who think they will make millions overnight.

I am looking for good, honest people who are willing to put in the hours at the beginning of their business and reap the rewards later.

I only want to work with these people. People like you. Because I know I can 100% help you.

Two reasons I know can help you:

1. Not so long ago I was you (very little marketing knowledge or skills)

2. I am currently helping people like you (give you proof in a moment)

Point 1… Yes not so long ago I was just like YOU – zero marketing knowledge – zero marketing skills – zero products for sale – making zero profits!

Point 2… I am currently helping people like you – on July 23rd (my birthday) I launched “Learn With Sally” my LIVE 12 week Internet Marketing Coaching Program and tested my online success formula on 25 students.

The live coaching is now finished, and the initial results are in… so let me show just some of new skills my students achieved…

A Few Of The LWS Students Brand New Blog Designs – Pimped To Perfection

blogging superstar tutorials

A Few Of The LWS Students Creating Their First Ever Video Tutorials

student video tutorials created

A Few Of The LWS Students Creating Their First Ever Video Presentations

creating video presentations


 A Few Of LWS Students Get In Front Of The Video Camera For First Time

recording videos in front of the camera

I could literally show you tons of achievements from my LWS Students but we would be here all day, that’s just a few for proof 🙂

So you can see for yourself above, my Learn With Sally coaching is a RESOUNDING SUCCESS and inspired those students to take ACTION!

I have also asked a few of my students for a video testimonial on their experience with the Learn With Sally Coaching which you can watch below:

My students now possess the relevant Internet Marketing skills and knowledge to become a super success online and create fabulous products… I want to equip you with those very same skills too.

So today, I want to give you access to the Replays Of My Learn With Sally Coaching.

But before I discuss what each module includes, let me first explain my easy method of teaching

Every module you get access to today comes with a webinar replay, this is not a live call, but a replay of the live call I held with my original students.

So first things first, watch the webinar… where I reveal the “WHY”…

The why is simply… Why you must perform certain tasks and how they will benefit you and your online business.

Once you have watched the webinar, then and only then should you move onto the simple tutorials.

I have carefully created step by step video tutorials for certain modules to ensure you’re not left sitting scratching your head on what to do next!

My coaching covers it all, each video lays it out plain and simple for you to follow.

The videos are delivered in bite sized parts, so you can easily digest the information and apply the action required to move on.

So all you have to do each week is simply follow the relevant tutorials – it’s really that simple.

Ok Sally, what skills are you going to teach me? Well, let me reveal the modules right now…

learn with sally blogging superstar

In Blogging Superstar we will first cover the basics – straight off the bat many bloggers fall at the first hurdle and choose the wrong template! Worse still they don’t add the right pages or categories! And even worse they never get a single visitor to their blog!

Once I show you how to install your blog, install a new theme etc then we can move onto writing enticing blog posts, getting tons of comments, growing your readership, building relations and kicking ass with blogging! I also reveal 10 must do’s before and after you publish a blog post (secret stuff!)

Includes Video Tutorials, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.


traffic foundation set up

learn with sally traffic foundations

In Traffic Foundations we will cover the basics and fundamental sites that you need in place in order for your free traffic to start growing. Therefore we automate the feed of your blog content into the high traffic sites that will send us the most traffic – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube.

Getting traffic is easy when you do it the right way. This is traffic syndication made simple, do the work now and reap the free traffic rewards FOREVER! This targeted traffic will ensure you connect with the right audience at the right time.

Includes Video Tutorials, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.


internet marketing social media success

learn with sally social media success

Social Media sites hold the key to unlocking a massive flow of traffic to your blog and websites but only if you grow your accounts in the right way!

In previous training you set up your accounts, now we need to grow them or these accounts will be useless!

Focusing heavily on Facebook in this module we will customize your account to perfection and apply the steps required to continually grow our friends list, we shall also cover Facebook Groups, Facebook Notes and Facebook Events too.

Includes Video Tutorials, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.


how to create video tutorials

learn with sally camtasia tutorials

This is the first installment of your modules covering video creation and marketing.

Part 1 teaches you how to create your very own video tutorials, how to add your videos to Youtube – plus help on Choosing Titles, Description and Tags. You will be a video expert after this module and faced a fear many newbie marketers can never overcome.

Once you can create videos in this way, you open a whole new door to fast product creation, better relationship building and a ton more free traffic.

Includes Video Tutorials, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.


internet marketing video presentations

learn with sally popwerpoint tutorials

This is the second installment of your modules covering video creation and marketing.

Part 2 teaches you how to create cool video presentations ideal for video blog posts and video sales letters. I also reveal secret resources on where to get cool images and animated presentations you can instantly use.

Learning to create videos in this way, transforms the way you connect with your potential customers as well as facing another fear!

Includes Video Tutorials, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.

recording your own in front of camera videos

learn with sally in front of camera tutorialsThis is the final installment of your modules covering video creation and marketing.

Part 3 teaches you how to get in front of the video camera, yes you! Recording videos can be daunting, terrifying even but is critical to your online success. I will show you exactly how to master them minus the nerves!

Face this fear, master these videos and you will be ahead of 95% of newbie marketers… most newbies record very poor videos… but not YOU… you will rock the house!!!

Includes Video Tutorials, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.

email marketing made simple

FACT: learn with sally email marketingToo many newbie marketers simply don’t know how to use email marketing to it’s full potential.

In this module you will discover how to create and test your optin forms for maximum conversion. The vital components of any email. How to split test emails and discover the other variables can you test in an email (most marketers don’t even know this!)

With this training your email marketing will never be the same again, it’s time to stop paying for an autoresponder service you barely use, and make it pay you!

Includes Video Tutorials, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.

internet marketing business in a box

learn with sally instant profit machineIt’s time to set those profit wheels in motion with your own Instant Profit Machine.

Rather than wait for you to create a product to sell I created one for you, a complete business in a box with sales page, images, download page, one time offer and upsell in place. I teach you every step required – just follow the videos.

Your IPM makes you 100% commissions on the front end, builds you two different mailing lists (very important) plus we inject an upsell process that will automate affiliate commissions for you too!

Includes Video Tutorials, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.

facebook fan page marketing

learn with sally facebook fanpagesNow that our Facebook Account has been growing from a previous module, it’s time to inject a facebook fan page into our funnel.

I secured special free access to some top fan page creation software to make this task super easy for you all you have to do is follow the videos.

But unlike other marketers I will teach you real interaction and traffic secrets to ensure your fanpage is a success – simply apply them!

Includes Video Tutorial, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.

fast list building for internet marketers

fast internet marketing list building

In Module 10 we cover some tried and tested free methods for fast list growth.

Email marketing can make you a ton of cash, when done the right way, but before you can email market you need a mailing list that grows daily, so amongst other things… we will cover Joint Venture Giveaways, Using 2 part videos on YouTube, and Article Marketing, these methods will ensure your list grows daily and automatically.

We also inject a few more profit streams onto your Instant Profit Machine and list building efforts.

Includes Video Tutorials, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.

fast easy product creation

learn with sally product creationModule 11 comes in two parts. Part one covers product creation, again it’s time to face a fear!

I will teach you how to create your own unique product using expert interviews. I will reveal the tools you require, how to use them and how to secure an interview with an expert. I will also show you how to package it all up into one tidy bundle too!

Once you master this skill you can create your own products at the drop of a hat.

Includes Video Tutorials, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.

free profitable marketing funnels

learn with sally funnel focusThe second part of Module 11 covers funnel focus.

In this webinar I discuss the pros and cons to some popular or common funnels used by Internet Marketers. I also give you examples of funnels that you may wish to use. Also discussed are the pages that will be required depending on which funnel you opt for.

You will learn a wealth of information about funnels and how to monetize each stage too. Which funnel will you opt for??? The decision is YOURS!

Includes Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.

how to find affiliates

learn with sally affiliate program coachingModule 12, final module trains you in Affiliates getting!

Watch as I reveal the best places to find affiliates – but not lazy affiliates – we want active affiliates and the reasons why are revealed in the webinar replay.

When you unleash the power of a super affiliate army you will see massive amounts of traffic and profits! Plus I reveal tips on affiliate management via a spreadsheet (most marketers FAIL HERE!)

Armed with this info you will command a strong affiliate army making sales for you on autopilot.

Includes Video, Webinar Replay, Audio and PDF of Slides.

learn with sally bonus module

learn with sally bonus moduleModule 13 is your special free bonus module.

I can’t give away too much here, but…

HINT: What I reveal will give you an insight into membership site creation do’s and dont’s, and I even share the mistakes I made so that you can avoid making them yourself.

That’s all I am prepared to reveal for now – secure your access and all shall be revealed!

Includes Webinar Replay, Mindmap, Audio and PDF of Slides.

Once You Have Completing Training You Will Have…

  • Blog pimped for profit, traffic and comments
  • Free traffic foundation accounts set up and automated
  • Freebie Mailing List set up and growing
  • Ability to Email Market Effectively
  • Ability to create Video Tutorials
  • Ability to create Video Presentations
  • Ability to record In Front Of Camera Videos
  • Instant Profit Machine Set Up (100% commissions)
  • One Time Offer Set Up (50% commissions)
  • Upsell in place (multiple 50% commissions)
  • Facebook Fan Page Set up – Building List/Commissions
  • Own Unique Product Created
  • Content / Product Ideas Coming Out Your Ears
  • Armed with skills to get your own Affiliate Army
  • Additional Affiliate Promotions In Place
  • Automation Is Key – So This Is Applied When Possible Too!

So you see you will have everything you need for success and profits online.

Plus we shall automate as much of your business as possible to allow as little time as possible to run your online business.

Every single day your business will grow, encourage new subscribers and sales.

Once you create your own unique product(s) you can apply your affiliate army tactics and let them do the hard selling for you.

And most importantly, your business will run 24 hours a day x 7 days a week x 365 days a year… WORLDWIDE… For YOU!

When you reach this stage, you are truly on Easy Street and failure will be a thing of the past for sure.

But before we get wayyyyyyy ahead of ourselves, just remember that there are steps required to get to Easy Street.

And you can take your first step today, once you access your LWS Training and join my online family

… as a LWS student I am essentially taking you under my wing.

I shall always be available to help you should you need it…

sally neill support vip facebook group

support desk and vip facebook group

Like I said before, I am not throwing you into the deep end and leaving you to fend for yourself.

You will instant have access to the Learn With Sally VIP Members Group, where you can chat, see advice and help from myself and your fellow LWS Students.

This Facebook Group is very active, filled with myself and other students all geared towards helping each other find success online.

Plus, if you have a more private request you can submit a ticket at my Support Desk and you will always receive a personal response within 24 hours – GUARANTEED.

So in the unlikely event that you need help with a particular module, you can see help will always be at hand for you.

One last thing, “Learn With Sally – The Replays” comes with an iron-clad, no questions asked, unconditional money-back guarantee:

sally neill personal guarantee

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

All you have to do is join today, get instant access to all the LWS training material and put it to the test over the next 60 days.

If, at any point, within the next 60 days you don’t feel this training is transforming your Internet Marketing Skills and Knowledge, just let me know and you’ll get a complete refund.

So you get to try LWS for the next 60 days with ZERO RISK.

Your ENTIRE investment today is protected and guaranteed!

I Don’t Have The Nickname Of The “Coach Who Cares” For Nothing… I want you to be 100% Happy With Your Training, If You’re Are Not Happy I’m Not Happy.

Remember, I am taking all the risk away from YOU, you risk nothing from taking my coaching today!

I am 100% convinced that my training you will transform your Internet Marketing skills and knowledge, that’s why I am super confident and willing to offer such a solid guarantee.

So if you are not completely thrilled…for any reason whatsoever…then I insist you ask for a refund.

I have spent years learning the information and techniques I share with you.

And then I spent hours creating the presentations and video tutorials you get access to.

I enjoy marketing online because I create products that truly help people and I am 100% convinced LWS lives up to my very high standards.

I’ve created the coaching. I’ve given you a 60 day money back guarantee. I’ve done my part, now it’s your turn…

So take action today, not tomorrow (tomorrow never comes)

Click on the add to cart button below and let’s get you started on the road to online success!

  • Module 1: Blogging Superstar
  • Module 2: Free Traffic Foundations
  • Module 3: Social Media Success
  • Module 4: Video Tutorial Creation
  • Module 5: Video Presentation Creation
  • Module 6: In Front of Camera Video Creation
  • Module 7: Email Marketing Revealed
  • Module 8: Instant Business In A Box
  • Module 9: Facebook Fan Page Set Up
  • Module 10: Fast List Building
  • Module 11: Part 1 – Product Creation
  • Module 11: Part 2 – Product Funnel Set Up
  • Module 12: Finding Active Affiliates
  • Module 13: Surprise Bonus Module (Secret)

I understand that each weekly module will include Webinar Replay, MP3 + PDF Slides (when appropriate).

I also am aware that I will receive help, support and guidance via the LWS VIP Student Only Facebook Group + Support Desk.

I will receive access to all 13 modules today for a one time payment of:

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Simply follow each module and implement the steps in bite sized chunk, easy as 1..2..3.

Place your trust in me today, and I promise I wont let you down.

I really do look forward to working you, and seeing your achieve your dreams online.

sally neill

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“When I signed up for Sally Neill’s Learn With Sally coaching course, I knew it would be different. Sally makes learning fun and easy to understand. Her fast paced, high energy instructions are clear, detailed and follow a sensible path with each week’s tuition building on the next. She really cares about her students and encourages, cajoles and yes…even kicks their butts if necessary!

It’s one “L” of a course you wouldn’t mind failing a few times just to remain under her tuition!

BUT with Sally in the driving seat offering her expert advice, that’s not likely. Learn With Sally is the premier internet driving school!” 

Jean Shaw,

There is no finer testimonial than to watch someone with your own eyes rise to Internet stardom. I had the pleasure of watching Sally Neill’s star rise…not because she was special in some way…but because she worked hard, overcame fears and pushed through obstacle after obstacle until she met success. I didn’t hesitate for a moment when I heard she was opening her coaching. Why wouldn’t I want this person to coach me? Unlike some…she didn’t just “talk the talk”…she “walked the walk”. I needed no convincing.

I was like an unpolished gem. The skills, desire, determination and creativity were all there…but they had no direction or focus…they were buried under a mire of information overload and confusion. I needed someone who could expose these facets and put them into a working whole. Joining Sally’s coaching is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my Internet marking career. She has done exactly what I knew she would do…she has taken me and my latent talents to another level…actually many levels!

Sally is an action taker and she creates action takers with her balance of toughness, compassion and exceptional coaching. She is not only a very talented blogger (she truly has the gift of communication), she is an equally talented online marketer. How else did she go from working full time off line to working full time online in the 2 years I’ve known her?

Since joining Sally’s course… my excitement and enthusiasm have returned, my direction is focused and clear, my online skills are exploding, my blogging has improved, I no longer procrastinate at tasks, I’ve overcome long time fears and I feel success within my reach. This course is for serious action takers who will settle for nothing short of complete online success. If you’re one of those…and you’re just lacking direction then “Learn With Sally” is your answer. Join the “cool crowd” I promise you’ll be thanking me. 😉

Thanks for such an awesome course Sally…I truly do love it!”

Kathy Dobson,

Important: ALL testimonials are from real Learn With Sally Students and can be verified on request.

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