SUBJECT: I see WED people…

You know in the movie “The Sixth Sense” the creepy lil dude says the famous line:

“I see dead people”

I feel like him lately except every where I look I see WED people!

Happy, lovey dovey, kissy, huggy, married couples.

Gets on my nerves as I am a sad singleton.

Even worse though… is dating.

It’s seriously like something right outta that Sixth Sense movie.

Have you heard of “Ghosting”

It’s when you date someone and you don’t really
get on that well so you start “ghosting” their messages.

This means that rather than being honest and saying to
someone “hey, this isn’t really working out”

You take the cowards way out…

And never reply to their messages until they
eventually give up and stop contacting you.

Kinda like my emails to you.

* I see you open my messages.
* I see you clicking on the links.

But you hardly ever reply – r u ghosting me?

Ha ha, just kiddin 😉

But… being serious for a moment, I am creating some new
emails and I wanted to ask you something…

What’s the biggest question you have about online marketing?

Would be so awesome if you could click here to send me an email and let me know.

Thanks, Sally 🙂 x